Explore the Bridgerton Collection & Discover Bridgerton Makeup, Tea & More.

Explore the bridgerton collection & discover Bridgerton makeup, jewelry and unique home goods . Give yourself over to the luxury of Regency-era London, where the men look like Simon Basset and Anthony Bridgerton. You can make a flawless grand debut wearing Pat McGrath x Bridgerton limited edition lipstick or highlight your best features with The Diamond of the First Water - Bridgerton eyeshadow palette. And don’t forget to pamper yourself with the Spoon Me Lip Salve. And yes, we do mean THAT spoon. And don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for the juiciest gossip and deals. Shop the best Bridgerton gifts for fans. There’s no end to the steamy situations that The Ton find themselves in, whether it’s on honeymoon, at one of Benedict’s parties, or in a church. Explore women's clothing inspired by Bridgerton fashion. Bridgerton proves that love finds a way. And with the Burn For You Bridgerton candle you can keep the heat going for your own special flame or for a soothing aroma. If there’s one thing The Ton have in common besides high fashion, large mansions, and passion for a slow build, it’s that they all go for what they want. You can embody that boldness with The Bridgerton x Republic of Tea collection. Drink it and then take your victory lap.