Kathleen Neeley

Adorn the walls of your home with exclusive Netflix posters from acclaimed artists! This collection comes from the mind of artist Kathleen Neeley and is directly inspired by the world of The Witcher. Based in Oklahoma, Kathleen Neeley carves art primarily out of linoleum and specializes in a blend of nature, narrative, and folklore based designs. Her highly sought-after wall art is a true boon to any art collector, and interior space, and is simply ideal art for readers and those of us with a rich inner life. Capture the magic and mystery of The Continent with Kathleen Neely The Witcher posters! Handcrafted and timeless art like the Ciri block print or the Yennefer wall art is the perfect way to bring the beauty of The Witcher home. Plus, these exceedingly rare posters and prints can only be found in this exclusive Netflix and artist Kathleen Neely The Witcher poster collection. Enjoy curated art based on the iconic imagery of The Witcher and the classic allure of block prints.