Stranger Things Blankets

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Wrap yourself in luxury with soothing and soft Stranger Things blankets from Netflix. Inspired by unforgettable scenes from Stranger Things season 4, these blankets are the best way to stay warm in the winter. And, thanks to high-quality, breathable material, these blankets are soft to the touch. Take the Rink-O-Mania blanket with you before your next trip to Lenora Hills or get ready for game night with the Hellfire Club blanket. Explore the entire line of soft blankets and pillows to stay cool and comfortable year-round. Netflix’s Stranger Things room decor and home goods are perfect for a layered aesthetic and with lightweight designs, you’ll be comfortable and content. Plus, these finely crafted blankets are made complete with vibrant, retro themed designs. Imagine a cool breeze drifting through the window and you, wrapped in a soft nurturing blanket with nothing but good vibes ahead. Capture that moment. Shop the Stranger Things blankets collection today.