MAC x Stranger Things

Shop official Stranger Things makeup. Demogorgons aren’t the only thing that escapes The Upside Down. Experience the transformative shades of the MAC X Stranger Things Make-up collab and take your beauty to whole new dimensions. Try the Friends Don’t Lie Stranger Things Blush for a flawless, radiant look. Or unlock fuller, softer lips with the Excellent Erica Lip Gloss. All MAC Cosmetics Stranger Things make-up collabs come with exclusive, limited edition packaging. Order your set now, and don’t miss your chance to take on an otherworldly glow. Effortlessly add dimension with The Void Stranger Things Eyeshadow Palette, a subversive blend of 8 exclusive colors from Stranger Things. Use the cool blue of Creel House to make your eyeshadow pop. Embrace the night with demogorgon taupe or take on a tempting allure with Mind Flayer green. Explore the Mac Cosmetics x Stranger Things makeup collection. MAC Cosmetics X Stranger Things collabs don’t happen every day. That’s why The Void Stranger Things makeup palette, 140 Synthetic Stranger Things Makeup Brush, and the entire Mac x Stranger Things collection are limited edition. Become a more radiant, confident version of yourself - think of season 1 Eleven transforming into season 4 Eleven. Combine the Hawkins Class of 1986 Eyeshadow Palette with the 217 Synthetic Eye Brush for a skin minimalist look. Accent your best features with Starcourt Mall Brightwashed Pink or U.S.S. Butterscotch Bronze. Shop Stranger Things eyeshadow palettes, blush, lipstick & more. Vecna is coming into our world, one way or another. Before he gets here, try out the He Likes It Cold Powder Blush to add a chilling hue to your skin tone. Rejuvenate your lips with the Wild Wheeler Stranger Things Lip Gloss and channel the newfound confidence of Max Mayfield with the Marvelous Max Lip Gloss and revitalizer. Want more Stranger Things make-up without having to step through a rift? Explore the complete MAC X Stranger Things makeup line today.