Tracy Tubera x The Witcher

"Humans? I have learned to live with them." - Geralt of Rivia

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From pencil to polyresin, Tracy Tubera’s command of motion is magic. He’s best known for his kinetic illustrations that practically leap off the page, as well as 3D models which, unsurprisingly, literally do. From Deadpool to Darth Vader, Tubera’s figurines are drama on display (and fashionable to boot: most jump, fly, and power pose donning loose-laced retro Jordans).

So, for the sophomore season of The Witcher, it was a no-brainer to partner with Tracy to design an exclusive figure of the show’s legendary protagonist: Geralt of Rivia. Standing 10.6” tall, the “White Wolf” is available now in limited supply.

Tracy Tubera x The Witcher Tracy Tubera x The Witcher