Nathalie Nguyen x Eden & Yasuke

The multi-disciplinary artist creating for Eden and Yasuke.

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For Nathalie Nguyen, “reality defying” isn’t just an apt description of her aesthetic—it is, in fact, her reality. A talented designer across many mediums—from painting to 3D modeling to sewing—Nguyen is principally known for creating fantastical, digital-only fashion pieces in a cyberpunk aesthetic (though she eschews the genre’s typically muted tonality in favor of technicolor vibrancy).

Combining her love for anime and illustration with her expertise in 3D modeling, Nguyen makes magic with enigmatic style in the form of an Eden-inspired kendama and Yasuke HRT clock. Both items are available for pre-order now.

Nathalie Nguyen for Yasuke & Eden Nathalie Nguyen for Yasuke & Eden

"I found it easier to communicate through illustration which was heavily inspired by anime."

- Nathalie Nguyen

Behind the Scenes

Exclusive behind-the-scenes look into Nathalie Nguyen's world.