Chogrin x Stranger Things

Storyteller and artist Chogrin draws inspiration from Japanese pop culture.

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Introducing Elegorgon

Eleven, the precocious kinetic wonderkind of Stranger Things, is one of the most iconic residents of Hawkins, Indiana — and it’s her complicated relationship with the Upside Down that keeps us curious. For pop culture-obsessed artist, Chogrin, curiosity is his playground, and he sure loves a good remix.

His latest mashup is lovingly dubbed “Elegorgon,” an appropriate namesake because it asks the theoretical question, “What would a half Eggo-eatin’ tween, half teethy demogorgon look like?” The result is an absolute delight, cleverly combining good and ghoul in a vibrantly colored vinyl masterpiece.

Chogrin x Stranger Things | Chogrin x Stranger Things | Chogrin x Stranger Things |