Kristopher Kites

Explore the Kristopher Kites Collection & Discover Yasuke Pendants, Necklaces & More

From the mind of Kristopher Kites comes the exclusive Kristopher Kites x Yasuke collection. Adorn yourself with timeless jewelry inspired by the hit Netflix show. Explore the collection of intricate charms, pendants, and necklaces before Yami no Daimyo returns. Sharpen your look with the keepsake grade Yasuke pendant. Or admire the grace of the Yasuke charm. The right jewelry can take your aesthetic to new levels. Shop the full collection and find the right piece for you. There is beauty, even in darkness. The Kristopher Kites bracelet inspired by Yusuke is proof of that. Take home heirloom-style jewelry with intricacies that will never erode. And remember to check this exclusive collab often for more pieces. Your fandom deserves to be on display, just like the Kristopher Kites Yasuke necklace. Capture the essence of the warrior spirit with Yasuke charm. Don’t miss out on the latest Kristopher Kites x Yasuke pieces.