You People

Netflix’s You People is a bold, hilarious look into the role that culture and family play in relationships. And it proves once and for all that nothing stands in the way of love. Be as unique and trendsetting as Lauren London or as sweet and funny as Jonah Hill. All you’ll need is exclusive apparel from King Saladeen Clothing! This awesome collab with Netflix and King Saladeen fuses urban style with art in a revolutionary way. Don’t miss out on this collection of fashion forward attire! Want access to authentic streetwear? Looking for the next great collab between Netflix and in-demand artists and designers? Subscribe to the official Netflix newsletter and explore a shop of King Saladeen’s Netflix You People collection! You’ll find statement pieces like the Love is Not Enough hoodie and the King Saladeen You People tee, which combines abstract art and seriously vibrant color to create an eye-catching top. Explore the full collection for more outfit ideas!