Chogrin x Stranger Things

Explore Stranger Things statues, socks, beanies & more. Our world and The Upside Down could merge at any moment. Who knows what might cross through the rift if that happens. Thanks to famed artist, Chogrin, we have some idea as to what strange fusions may occur should Vecna have his way. Shop Stranger Things collectibles to find new and exciting collabs with Chogrin x Stranger Things and gain access to exclusive Stranger Things merch. Explore The Upside Down and come back an exclusive Stranger Things beanie, it’s perfect for any season. Or for true Strangers, feast your eyes on the Elegorgon (El + Demogorgon) Statue. It’s a Stranger Things collectible straight from the mind of Chogrin. There’s also Stranger Things socks, hoodies, and much more! The full Stranger Things collection offers season 4 of Stranger Things posters and wall art, graphic tees, and vibrant make-up palettes. But this cozy corner of the collection is for the limited edition Chogrin x Stranger Things exclusive collab. The Elegorgon may not be canon (yet?) but the statue is totally rad and at just over 12 inches tall, it’s packed with detail. Prefer to wear your fandom? Take on your next adventure with a 100% cotton Elegorgon sweater or check out the Elegorgon crew socks if you want to wear Stranger Things merch from top to bottom. Discover the best Elegorgon gifts for fans! Explore the newest rift in our world and uncover Elegorgon themed merch. Have someone in your life that can’t get Vecna out of their head? Gift them Stranger Things collectible merch like the Stranger Things Elegorgon wall art.