Attack on Titan Youtooz Figures

Explore the AoT Figures Collection & Discover Characters Like Colossal Titan Youtooz Figures

Defend Paradis Island with exclusive merch from the Attack on Titan Youtooz collection! It has everything you need to take the fight to the Titans, including collectible figurines of Eren Yaeger himself, Hange, Mikasa, and more! These figurines are perfect for bringing your fandom to the office, decorating your living space, or as gifts to the anime fans in your life! Shop the collection to find exclusive Youtooz and other toys and merch that you can’t live without. Thankfully, you’ll find the essentials right here, and you won’t have to battle a Titan to get access to these awesome, cute collectibles. Shop collectible Youtooz and other toys in the Netflix Shop. These highly sought after statues are inspired by iconic anime titles like Attack on Titan! The AoT Youtooz collection has everything you need to bring your fandom wherever you want. Explore the full collectibles shop to complete your collection and find gifts for the AoT fans in your life.