Nevermore Academy

Discover Wednesday’s Nevermore Academy Outfit and Other Logo Merch Items

Want more Wednesday ? Enroll in Nevermore Academy, a prestigious school where mystery and danger lurk just beneath the surface. But first you’ll need the Nevermore Academy Uniform. Available in the Netflix Shop, this cosplay-worthy addition to your wardrobe captures the essence of the iconic Wednesday Addams’ fight with her greatest enemy; authority. Join the Nightshades, win The Poe Cup, and flirt with danger with our exclusive Wednesday shirts . Wednesday’s dry wit and blunt truths are sold separately. Then explore the full collection filled with Wednesday apparel , collectibles , and other essential goodies! The Nevermore Academy Uniform is everything you need to channel the spirit of Wednesday Addams! Available in adult and kid sizes, this devious costume is perfect for Halloween, Christmas, or anywhere else Wednesday Addams would wear black too. Venture forth and find your Enid and Xavier with the Nevermore Academy costume. Don’t forget to check out other exclusive adult Wednesday costumes from Netflix!