Thinking Caps

Get one of Dustin’s hats to honor the show in a fun, unique way!

Stranger Things has some of the most beloved characters of all time. And few are more beloved than Dustin Henderson, AKA Compass Genius, one of the most important members of The Party. Celebrate the loyalty and planning Dustin brings to the table with the exclusive Thinking Cap from the Stranger Things apparel collection. Get the iconic Thinking Cap in royal and white, or get the classic white version. Plus, this rare headwear is embroidered with braille for an added layer of accessibility and dimension. Get yours before Stranger Things day and/or your next rewatch! So, don’t be a wastoid. Get exclusive headwear from The Netflix Shop. Explore the Stranger Things memorabilia and Thinking Caps and get a headstart on whatever claws its way out of The Upside Down.