Stranger Things x Attack Peter

Explore Products Featuring Demogorgon Art from Attack Peter

Take The Upside Down with you wherever you go with exclusive Demogorgon art from the Netflix Shop! This Stranger Things collection is brimming with unique and exciting designs from the Attack Peter x Stranger Things apparel collab. And it’s the perfect way to show your love for one of the original Stranger Things monsters, the Demogorgon. You’ll inspire awe and wonder with the Attack Peter unisex sweater and other amazing apparel and novelty items. Capture this amazing collection today. Shop Stranger Things Demogorgon shirts and sweatshirts, but beware of what lurks in the shadowy corners of The Upside Down. It’s a place full of mystery, terror, and mind-boggling monsters. And with Demogorgon art from Netflix, you can show your love for all things Stranger Things without having to traverse an otherworldly dimension. Get started with a Stranger Things mug courtesy of the Attack Peter x Stranger Things collaboration. Don’t miss out!