Kristopher Kites

The South Side Chicago native draws inspiration from his childhood and love for Anime.

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Designer in Residence for Don C and Virgil Abloh’s famed Chicago boutique, RSVP Gallery, Kristopher Kites is the kind of avant-garde creative we love to watch. Kites is best known for his oversized custom jewelry, from plastic Gucci link chains to pendants featuring cartoon characters like Jimmy Neutron and Goku encased in translucent cubes. Unsurprisingly, we were thrilled Kites was available to design four distinct pieces for the launch of our anime original, Yasuke.

The Netflix-exclusive collection includes chains, pendants, and a bust fashioned in matte black (misted with blood spatter by Kristopher himself). Available in limited supply, the symbols and swagger of your favorite 16th-century samurai are made wearable for the first (and perhaps only) time.

Kristopher Kites for Yasuke Kristopher Kites for Yasuke

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