The Watcher

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Welcome to 657 Boulevard in Westfield, NJ where the neighbors are ever-watchful. Uncover the secrets of this seemingly quiet neighborhood with exclusive apparel from the Netflix Shop. Inspired by The Watcher Netflix series, this collection is home to the I Am The Watcher and the I Am Not The Watcher dual graphic tee shirts. It’s the ideal collection for fans of the hit show and true crime aficionados. Just remember to close the curtains and seal the dumbwaiter before you explore this clothes collection, because you never know who's got their eye on you. When Naomi Watts, Jennifer Coolidge, Mia Farrow, and Bobby Cannavale all appear in one show then you know you’ve got a bonafide thriller on your hands. Capture the thrills with The Watcher Netflix apparel and memorabilia. And subscribe to the official newsletter to be the first to find out about new additions and new neighbors.